So Varric cannot be wooed and I’m having those lady problems that come up every now and then so all my emotions are heightened and so the news hit me hard and it felt like the end of the world. I maintained self control and didn’t buy Apple or Maddie though.

But the day is still young. I might crack.



Bringing back memories from 2011…..

Love looking through old photos

The early Dead Tired series had some of the best face ups.


Cedar got a perm!

Whilei super lucked out with Cedar’s box hair, I still really wanted to give her tight luscious curls more in line with her design as well as ethnic background. And here she is- looking so gorgeous! I kept the hair in a ringlet style because she is technically a puppet so it felt a little Appropriate.

Her little hair piece and braid may come back. Maybe just the hair piece.

I wish an Ever After High soundtrack would be released. I absolutely love the background music ♥

This mass post editor thing is amazing. I’ve never used it before. It’s quite amazing. Wow.

In other news I really wanna go buy Apple and this red end table for like $12 but I am hella broke OTL

Edit: I just spent $31 on sweets but not Apple White my priorities are so fucked up.

Finally taking pics of them together. Got curious and switched their outfits. Holly looks good in Poppy’s, but Popp’s make up doesn’t agree with Holly’s colour choice. Oh well.

Doing Holly’s hair was more brain farting than Poppy’s. I lost all my straw curlers in my move and didn’t feel like cutting up new ones after I washed her hair. Braided the braid into a braid and pulled a small lock of it to the side. It looked nice to me from the back, but that’s not the way I want to leave her facing me, so I looped her hair about and then sprayed with hairspray. Left it in for a bit then undid it to try and get her animated look. It has since then flattened out but it’s kind of more in line with her animated counterpart.

Holly picspam. I absolutely adore her dress.

Daily drawing with the twins ♡
Angry moustache men~

Daily drawing with the twins ♡
Angry moustache men~

Does anyone know what happened to the Bratzillaz web series?

I really liked the style. It was very Ruby Gloom meets EAH.

Customary doll pics of new babies. Poppy is so cute <3

So Poppy got a haircut, courtesy of me herself. Wanted it more like her animated counterpart, and the real thing was a bit too long, kind of like Skull Shores’ Frankie, so a trim was needed.

A lot was cut off for someone with little hair.